Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Wild Colouring Book is here!

Hi, good news this week!
The Wild Colouring Book is available to purchase and enjoy TODAY! Here's how to get your hands on one and how to join in with the fun launch events!
Where can you buy a copy?
Print copy (unsigned) - Amazon UK / Amazon USA / AMAZON EU
Print your own (PDF) - My online store.

What's happening to celebrate the launch?

Giveaway! Join the giveaway to win copies of The Wild Colouring Book (it runs until 5th June). The more people enter, the more copies I'll give away!
Competition! Send your entries via email, Twitter or Facebook! Prizes will be copies of The Wild Colouring Book!

Thank you all for your support during the pre-launch period. I really hope you enjoy The Wild Colouring Book.

I'd also really appreciate a few seconds of your time to share this on social media! The buttons are at the bottom of this post. Thank you. :-)

Happy colouring!


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