Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Wild Colouring Book release date announced!

Super excited. Today, the proof copy of The Wild Colouring Book arrived!

Suffice to say, I got rather giddy! Today I've spent some time testing it with felt tip pens, artist markers and various colouring crayons. It's performing really well!

The paper is not bleeding at all for the felt tips, which is brilliant, and the colouring pencils are laying down a fantastic, vibrant layer of colour. It's really easy to shade. Happy days! I so hope that people enjoy colouring it. :D

I'm happy to announce that it will be published on Thursday 28th May 2015!

Int he meantime, you can grab some FREE colouring pages from the book exclusively from my website at!

Happy colouring!

- Meg

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