Friday, 22 May 2015



How do?

I achieved all of my April targets, which is great. The Brooding Crown is now with my editor, and The Wild Colouring Book is finished. I have the first copy in my hands, am waiting on the shipment of preordered signed copies to arrive this week, and everything is set up and ready to go to launch the sales pages online. Yay!

Things are really heating up now we're in May, though! This month is so random... I'm working on a real mix of projects.

The Tainted Crown is undergoing a bit of TLC this month - it needs a few tweaks before I'm happy for it to sit alongside The Brooding Crown. [Sign up to my fiction newsletter to hear release news & updates first!]

The Wild Colouring Book will be released on May 28th (next Thursday), so there's lots to do for the launch of that! I'm really looking forward to the launch party and hope I get lots of entries in the giveaway and colouring competition! [Sign up to my colouring newsletter to hear release news & updates first!]

I'm getting cracking with the Accounting For Authors project after a couple months forced downtime to focus on uni stuff and prioritise The Brooding Crown. I'm lucky to have the very talented Joanna Penn of / offering me advice & support on this project. This project will become a much greater focus of mine from now. [Sign up to my non-fiction newsletter to hear release news & updates first!]

The Shattered Crown: The Third Book of Caledan is already in the outlining phase so that's going to come onto the to-do list too! But not this month. Revising The Brooding Crown (once I receive it from my editor) comes first!

New series - no spoilers! I have outlined 13 books in a completely new series (detailed plotting for the first installment is completed) - I just need time to fit them in! I need to write The Shattered Crown first though, but ohhhhh I *really* want to start writing this new series! ;-)

Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself now! So the rest of May will be busy, and the year will be running along at full pelt much as it is now. It's so exciting to finally be in the middle of managing all these different writing projects after having planned out my 2015 schedule back in January.

Well, no time like the present. The books don't write themselves if I'm blogging! Bye for now, don't forget to let me know what creative projects you have on the go in the comments/on social media! :-)


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