Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Life is perfect when...

Today is a good day. I'm feeling very grateful and thankful for all the blessings in my life. I guess today is one of those days that just feels perfect and it's because I'm working towards/fulfilling my dreams today - which really fills the soul with contentment.

It's been a productive day; I've finished two illustrations for The Wild Colouring Book and the cover design for The Brooding Crown, both of which I'm really excited to share! (But not yet... ;-) ) Both projects are on track. What's more, it's only 3pm!

It's sunny and beautiful weather today, and I'm just about to take a quick tea break and and start reading a new book outside, whilst soaking up the vitamin D. It's neither too warm, nor too cold - just right. The cats are keeping me company and being generally adorable and friendly (... and a *little* bit mischievous, but they can't help that!).

I feel in a position of incredible privilege and am so grateful I have the opportunity to do this. It wasn't that long ago that I felt hopeless and despairing; depressed at my career prospects and unhappy with the path I saw before me.

Now I get to live every day working towards *my* goals, the ones that deep down, I *really* want to achieve. I cannot ask for more from life than that. I hope that the hard work and dedication I'm putting in now will lead to the fruition of my dreams and being able to make a living - pay my bills - from doing what I love.

Anyway. That's enough time sat inside today working - I'm off out to enjoy the sun for a while! Have a lovely week. :-)

- Meg

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Mad March Roundup & Arty April To Do List!

One of the images for my adult colouring book.
Yikes. I can't believe March is over already. It was such a busy month! If you follow me on twitter, you'll notice I even dropped off the face of the earth for a bit. You know you're busy when you don't even tweet!

I was ill, but also really productive. Totally finished my dissertation (aka 13,200 words of 'kill me now'!), the final essay of my degree (YAY!) and more importantly to me, editing The Brooding Crown and outlining my new series. I am *almost* done with uni stuff (finishing mid-May) to focus solely on writing. Feel the anticipation!

The Brooding Crown is now in the hands of my lovely writer friends to critique before it goes to my also lovely editor Sophie next month, and my new series, which will be written as a serial, has been plotted to the tune of 3 series and the first installment outlined. Woohoo! Not sure when I'll have time to start writing it, mind.... I'm hoping to fit it in later this year, but there's lots of other stuff to do too!
One of the images for my adult colouring book.
My surprise project of March was an adult colouring book - finally, I seem to have found the output for my art that is most appropriate for other people to enjoy too! :-) I've not released title/cover yet, but it's coming soon. That's already one third complete - I've been a busy bee! - and is on track to be finished by the end of April and published by the end of May. More details to follow on that. :-)

One of the images for my adult colouring book.
So, seeing as most of my writing stuff is wrapped up for now, my April to do list is much more arty! That's great - I've missed drawing. I should have stumbled on this adult colouring book idea sooner!

Here's what I'm up to this month:

  • Finishing all illustrations (about 30) for my adult colouring book.
  • Cover design and interior file creation for the colouring book.
  • Creating a sub-section of my website for the colouring book and a separate mailing list (I have one for fiction, non fiction and will have a third for this).
  • Cover design & back-cover blurb for The Brooding Crown.
  • Nervously await feedback from my critiquers on The Brooding Crown!
  • Being a guest for my local scout group, who have invited me along to interview so they can get their writer badges! Very excited to hopefully inspire some young writers. :-)
What are you up to this April? Do let me know in the comments/on twitter/facebook.

Bye for now!