Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Life is perfect when...

Today is a good day. I'm feeling very grateful and thankful for all the blessings in my life. I guess today is one of those days that just feels perfect and it's because I'm working towards/fulfilling my dreams today - which really fills the soul with contentment.

It's been a productive day; I've finished two illustrations for The Wild Colouring Book and the cover design for The Brooding Crown, both of which I'm really excited to share! (But not yet... ;-) ) Both projects are on track. What's more, it's only 3pm!

It's sunny and beautiful weather today, and I'm just about to take a quick tea break and and start reading a new book outside, whilst soaking up the vitamin D. It's neither too warm, nor too cold - just right. The cats are keeping me company and being generally adorable and friendly (... and a *little* bit mischievous, but they can't help that!).

I feel in a position of incredible privilege and am so grateful I have the opportunity to do this. It wasn't that long ago that I felt hopeless and despairing; depressed at my career prospects and unhappy with the path I saw before me.

Now I get to live every day working towards *my* goals, the ones that deep down, I *really* want to achieve. I cannot ask for more from life than that. I hope that the hard work and dedication I'm putting in now will lead to the fruition of my dreams and being able to make a living - pay my bills - from doing what I love.

Anyway. That's enough time sat inside today working - I'm off out to enjoy the sun for a while! Have a lovely week. :-)

- Meg

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