Monday, 1 June 2015

Jogging through June

Hi all,

Hope you're well!

It's June already - how!? 2015 is rushing by.

May's main success was of course publishing The Wild Colouring Book. It's gone down a storm! I've been overwhelmed by all the people sending in snaps of them colouring it in and generally enjoying it. It's awesome to have created something for people to have fun with!

@Emma_stitch on Twitter getting ready to colour!
I didn't meet all my May targets - alas, it happens! So I have a bit of catching up this month. But it's not a problem, as I had built some slack into June's timetable just in case.

Unfortunately, I've been rather ill for a couple of months and it turns out that I've had glandular fever! The fever is long gone, but unfortunately I've been left with extreme fatigue. Even the most simple, unstrenuous things tire me out and I can't concentrate for long at the moment. That's really shot me in the foot in May! :S

So June will, in part, be given over to getting back to good health and fitness.

My writing goals for June are:

1. Final edits of The Brooding Crown, now I have received it back from my lovely editor Sophie.
2. Proofing of The Brooding Crown (by the end of the month I should have a copy in my hands - how exciting!!)
3. Finish off the tweaks to The Tainted Crown and reupload to sales platforms (will now include a preview for The Brooding Crown!)
4. Start releasing material for Accounting For Authors. (May tweak the title to Finance for Authors too since that fits better...)

My illustrating goals are:

1. Pitch to a pubisher for a follow up colouring book project. ;-)

I'll also start releasing material for The Brooding Crown! The cover and the first few chapters will be released. Exciting times! :-)

What are you doing this month?

 Let me know in the comments, or catch me on social media!

Happy Monday,


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