Friday, 5 June 2015

The Brooding Crown Release Date & Cover!!


I've been looking forward to this post for AGES! I'm super excited to at last share the cover of The Brooding Crown: The Second Book of Caledan with you!

I can also at last share the publication date:

The Brooding Crown will be released
on Thursday July 16th 2015!

This is my favourite project ever - I have loved working on it every minute and cannot wait to share it.

So - what do you think?

This took 5 hours of illustration by hand and closely ties in to the cover of The Tainted Crown. The Tainted Crown features the royal crown of Caledan, whereas The Brooding Crown features the royal crown of Roher, a country you will be seeing lots more of in The Brooding Crown!

That's all the spoilers you're getting for now, but I'll be releasing the first chapters to my mailing list. Sign up to receive them!

Hope you like it! Feedback welcome as always. :-)


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