Friday, 9 January 2015

#MegsNoWriMo reaches 50,000 words on The Brooding Crown

Happy to announce that I just reached that magical point; 50,000 words on draft one of The Brooding Crown, The Second Book of Caledan, woohoo! Just over halfway done with the first draft, hopefully!

I would do a video diary, but I am too tired today so here, have a blog post instead haha.

Also managed the most successful day of #MegsNoWriMo too, writing over double my daily word target of 1,700 words, for which I am glad, as I was beginning to fall slightly behind and become frustrated with myself.

This is despite being glued to the news today for hours, watching the deeply disturbing events unfold and play out in France. I don't tend to delve into real life/world things in my writing social life, but I am so very glad to hear that the situation is now resolved with minimal loss of life. My heart goes out to those who died for free speech. As a writer, in a community of creatives, we all rely on being able to speak, write and create freely without fear.

So. Today feels a writing success, but tinged with sadness at the loss of life that could so very easily have been any of us in any city across the world.

Definitely a lesson to take each day as a blessing and live with joy, not fear in your hearts.

Take care,


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