Friday, 7 March 2014

The Tainted Crown Edit 2: Complete!

The Tainted Crown 
Edit 2:
95 chapters. 108,213 words*.

Edit two of The Tainted Crown is complete! I focused mainly on speech punctuation checking and paragraphing length in this edit.

I have one more edit to go (which will focus on proof reading and anything else I spot).
Then, a final read through on my Kindle - so I can read the story as a reader not a writer almost - and any tweaks needed as a result of that, before I release the manuscript for editing/proofing/critiquing/etc by my very kind writer buddies.
Nearly there (ish)! Or at least, closer than before! :-)  I'm so excited about this - can't wait to pass it on to others and can't wait to get this baby published this summer! :-)
Ciao for now!


*That's about 300 pages in book format.


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    1. Whoops, I only just saw this, but yay indeed! I hope you're enjoying reading the draft so far, if you've had a chance! :-)