Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Tainted Crown Launch Roundup!

The Tainted Crown launch is all finished, and wow, what a launch it's been. I've been overwhelmed by the amount of people who've well... cared!

As an unknown, debut author, it's always going to be difficult to break out, to get overnight fame and fortune (ok, it's impossible, let's face it), and things always start with your family and friends, but like a stone dropped in a pond, the effect hopefully ripples outwards far and wide.

It's been wonderful in any case, to have people support me in this - I really appreciate it! I've taken my first steps into the world of being an author - an indie author at that - and it's one of those things that you simply can't do alone.

I sold some copies on day one, which is always good, and reached my first three milestones - to sell 1, 10 and 25 copies (start small, haha). I've now sold over 40 copies (day 1 purchases + preorders), so hopefully on the way to smashing the next milestone - 50 copies (and then 100 copies, here I come!). Start small, work big, eh?

I've not quite made my first £10 as an author (a financial milestone), but again, on the way there. It'll be a while before I recoup my publishing costs, I know that - but to be honest at this stage, it's a labour of love, because there's no financial incentive there at this early stage of my writing career. Start small, work big. I'll get there with time, effort, and putting out more good books. :-)

Other notable features of launch day were:
  • An international bestselling author (one of my own favourite authors) agreed to accept a copy of my book! I'll be sending him a copy the moment I receive my next copies in just over a week! Who knows, this could be a great opportunity. :-)
  • My friends and family rallied round to check out my book, like and share my facebook and twitter posts, hopefully giving me a little bit of traction and putting me in front of a wider potential audience than I could reach alone.
  • I had a really fun twitter chat using #taintedcrown on launch night! Only a few attended, but we had a good hour of fun and not entirely sane banter.
I'm already looking forward to launching another book ... need to write one first though haha!

Coming next: Book 2 of Caledan progress!

Thank you so much to all those who took part in the launch. :-)


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