Thursday, 21 August 2014

10 days until The Tainted Crown comes to Kindle Lending Library & Kindle Unlimited!

Exciting news - The Tainted Crown will be available for members of the Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited to borrow for free under their existing subscriptions from 31 August 2014!

Because of contractual obligations to allow this to happen, The Tainted Crown will not be available on Kobo and Nook from this date, though in the future it will be re-released onto these platforms.

So, if you're a Kindle Library or Kindle Unlimited user, watch out for The Tainted Crown popping up! If you're a Kobo or Nook user and still haven't picked up a copy - now's your chance.

And of course, If you're old school and love print, you can buy a copy of the print version on Amazon - which is also offering a saving of up to 20% on the print list price depending on which currency you buy in. Under the Kindle Matchbook Program, that will automatically entitle you to a free Kindle copy too.

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