Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Tainted Crown: 50 Days Until Release!

Yes, that's right! The book release is now only 50 days away!
The Tainted Crown: The First Book of Caledan will be releasing on 31 July 2014!

I'm hoping to run some kind of launch event, either on Facebook, Twitter or Google Hangouts, technology permitting - we shall see how that pans out!

Either way, this means I have 50 days to get my behind in gear to make sure this all runs smoothly. It will of course, all.. run... smoothly... (famous last words!? Hopefully not. ;-) )

By the way, if you're a reviewer and would like to review TTC pre-release, please drop me a comment below, a line on Twitter, or a nod on Facebook! I'll be releasing ARC's in July. :-)

Ciao for now!


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