Friday, 16 May 2014

Hi all - I return!

Just a quick blog to show that I am in fact still alive. I just finished my third and penultimate year of university (hurrah), which means I no longer have to spend my free time slaving over assignments/revision (double hurrah) and can instead get back what I truly enjoy doing; writing (triple hurrah!)!

In the next week I'll be blogging here about:
  •  The benefits and pitfalls of having an author mailing list.
  • The age-range debate: 'Young Adult' vs. 'New Adult' literature.
Plans for this summer include:
  • Finish editing and then publish The Tainted Crown: The First Book of Caledan (and all the things that entails) - sign up to my mailing list to receive advance notification of publication date today!
  • Finish planning and then write the second book of Caledan (title currently unknown). 
  • I'll be more active online too on my facebook account, on my twitter account and on here. I'll also be setting up an author page on Google+ and Goodreads.
  • (+ inevitable boring real life stuff: decorating, chores, bla bla bla.... invest a domestic goddess robot already, scientists!)

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